Faculty of Sharia Sciences - tajoura

Full name

Basher Alzarouq mohammed Mazen


Doctor of Phiosophy

Academic Rank

Associate Professor


Mr. Basher Mazen has been working as an associate professor at the Faculty of Sharia Sciences - Tajoura, Department of Arabic Language, since he joined the university in the year 2019 AD. Mr. Bashir Mazen teaches subjects in this field of Arabic language, and he has combined years of experience between teaching and research.

  He now occupies the position of Coordinator of Study and Examinations in the department


Before Mr. Basher Mazen joined the University of Tripoli, he worked in several universities and academic institutions, where he worked as a faculty member at Al-Zaytouna University, where he held the position of a faculty member, and head of the study and examinations department in the department.

 He also worked as a collaborating faculty member at the Faculty of Education, University of Tripoli, and at the Libyan Academy for Postgraduate Studies.

 He worked as a teacher in basic education schools and worked for them for seventeen years.

Research Interests

Mr. Basher Mazen has a number of research interests, as he is classified as an active researcher in the field of the Arabic language, and he has a number of publications and authors. He also works as a supervisor on a number of graduation researches for students.

 His research focuses on the importance of the Arabic language and its impact on society.

External Activities

Mr. Basher was interested in scientific research as he supervised a number of scientific conferences in the field of the Arabic language and has a number of contributions in this field and has a number of research papers published in a number of journals and conferences such as the Knowledge Journal, Al-Madad Journal, Al-Riyadah Magazine, the Linguistic Journal, and the Language Conference  The Qur’an between turnout and abandonment, and it currently has a number of papers under evaluation. These researches and papers focus on the importance of the Arabic language and its impact on society.

 Over the course of 32 years, Mr. Basher Mazen did a number of works, as he worked as a language reviewer for local newspapers and scientific journals.

 He is a member of the I want platform, which is a platform created by a number of researchers and experts interested in developing the capabilities, energies, and potentials of scientific research, and a member of the International Federation of the Arabic Language.

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