Dr. Ahmed Elhassi

  • َQualifications: Doctor of Philosophy
  • Academic Rank: Lecturer
  • Faculty of Sharia Sciences - tajoura



All since 2019


Mr. Ahmed works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Sharia Sciences - Tajoura, Department of Sharia, since joining the university in the year 2019 AD. Mr. Ahmed teaches subjects in the field of jurisprudence, jurisprudential rules, and contemporary jurisprudential issues. Ahmed has combined years of experience between teaching and scientific research, where he worked as a coordinator for research and consulting in the Sharia Department for three consecutive years.


Before joining Mr. Ahmed to the University of Tripoli, he worked in several institutions, where he worked as a faculty member in various schools in basic, secondary, Sharia and general education. He also worked as a Sharia researcher at the Libyan Dar Al Iftaa.

He was also interested in scientific research, as he attended some scientific conferences and some research centers, and he has a number of books and research papers published in a number of magazines such as the Center for Civilizational Witnesses, the Arab Journal for Administrative and Economic Studies, and the Standard Journal. He currently has a number of papers under evaluation. These research and papers are concentrated in Most of them are in the field of ijtihad, fatwa, and issues of Islamic banking and finance.

Over the past years, Mr. Ahmed has done a number of works, where he worked as a Sharia observer at Al-Yaqin Bank, and a trainer at the Center for Banking and Financial Studies affiliated to the Central Bank of Libya. He also worked at the Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Authority as a teacher of the Holy Qur’an, an imam, a preacher, and a lecturer in a number of mosques.

Research Interests

Mr. Ahmed has a number of research interests, as he is classified as an active researcher in the field of Islamic banking and finance and has a number of publications and writings in this field. He also works as a supervisor for a number of graduation researches in the scientific departments of the college.

External Activities