The study period in this department is four years, during which the student studies (51) fifty-one courses, with a total of (120) hundred and twenty study units.

  The Department of Sharia: graduates cadres capable of meeting the needs of society, including preachers and preachers, and working in the General Authority for Awqaf and Religious Information, as well as teaching in the subject of Islamic education.

Work as a researcher in Sharia sciences, and participate in Sharia advisory committees in financial institutions. Graduates are also entitled to engage in the work of contract editors.

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Bachelor - Sharia

This study program aims to qualify distinguished specialists, who possess scientific capabilities, knowledge, and research skills in Sharia sciences, authentic with heritage and related to contemporary, that qualifies them for teaching, guidance, and counseling according to the best quality standards.The...

Master - Sharia

This program aims to make the department a leading scientific beacon of excellence in the sciences of Islamic law in general, and the science of jurisprudence and its principles in particular, and to provide the Libyan and Islamic community with superior cadres with a high level of competence and responsibility,...


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Dr. Khalid Ali Salah Aboulqassim