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Islamic Sharia is what God legislated for His Muslim servants in terms of provisions, rules, and systems to establish a just life and manage the interests of people and their security in beliefs, worship, morals, transactions, and systems of life, in its various branches to regulate people’s relationship with their Lord and their relationships with each other and achieve their happiness in this world and the Hereafter. Whoever achieves these colleges or comes close to them is following God’s law, regardless of his identity and type of affiliation. God holds people accountable for deeds and intentions, and Islamic law has an encyclopedic significance that accommodates every positive effort that is made to build the earth and invests its contents for the benefit of human life and dignity, and it accommodates everything that achieves human health and food. security and stability, and accommodates everything that promotes safe development, beneficial scientific progress, and rational civilizational advancement.

And the Islamic Sharia with every human effort made to build societies, organize people’s affairs, manage their interests, encourage their aspirations, and fulfill the aspirations of their generations. The other and cooperate with the other in every work that achieves goodness, security, safety, and peace for societies. Islamic law calls for collective human action to advance together the mission of the joint divine mandate to build the earth, but rather to build the universe and establish a decent human life.

Hence the aims and objectives of the Faculty of Sharia Sciences are to teach generations in the context of the values and principles of Islam and to educate its students about everything that calls for the construction of the earth and the establishment of a free, dignified, and safe life... In short, the Islamic Sharia is to establish life and achieve the interests of the people, and this is the basis of God's law.

  Islamic scholars and jurists have established a golden rule that says: "Where there is interest, then God's law follows." Sharia is inherent to people's interests and its rulings revolve around human interest. The human interest is in his mental security, in his religious security, in his life security, in his health security, in his moral security, and in his social security.

And the concept of Islamic education or Islamic law can be clarified in that it is: an educational science that is distinguished in its purpose and source and is concerned with building the integrated Muslim personality and the ideal Muslim society and preparing it, and it is based on an independent educational and educational system that is derived from the Islamic legal principles and depends heavily on reality and its circumstances. And he must have specialists who combine the sciences of Islamic law and the sciences of education and harmonize between principles and reality so that educational issues are addressed through him in an Islamic way that is correct and appropriate to the circumstances of time and place.


Achieving leadership in the field of Sharia and legal sciences, while combining originality and modernity.


Providing distinguished scientific and research outputs for the development of society in the Sharia and legal fields.


Spreading legal awareness and legal culture among members of society.

Preparing specialists with scientific qualifications in the Sharia and legal fields.

Linking theoretical knowledge with contemporary scientific applications.

Contribute to the preparation of man-made legislation in a way that does not contradict the provisions of Islamic law.

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