Bachelor in Sharia

Faculty of Sharia Sciences - tajoura -


This study program aims to qualify distinguished specialists, who possess scientific capabilities, knowledge, and research skills in Sharia sciences, authentic with heritage and related to contemporary, that qualifies them for teaching, guidance, and counseling according to the best quality standards.

The duration of study is four years, during which the student studies (60) sixty courses, with a total of (128) one hundred and twenty-eight academic units.


Qualifying specialists in Sharia sciences with moderate and enlightened thinking.

Providing students with research skills that qualify them to prepare for scientific research in Sharia sciences.

Meeting society's need for education, guidance, advocacy, and legal advice.


a. Knowledge & understanding

A.1 Gaining the ability to memorize the Holy Quran

A.2 Gaining the ability to understand jurisprudential rulings and legislative texts

A.3 Gaining the ability to understand jurisprudence and fundamentalist rules

A.4 View the history of Islamic law and the phases it went through

B. Mental skills

B.1 Acquisition of the skill of deriving Islamic rulings from texts

B.2 Gaining the ability to search and review the main heritage books

T. Practical & professional skills

C.1 Acquiring the skill of teaching and dealing with students

C.2 Acquisition of the skill of using the standard Arabic language, speaking and writing

Dr. Generic and transferable skills

D.1 Acquiring the skill of research, extrapolation, and drawing information from its sources

D.2 Gaining the skill of teamwork and interaction with others

D.3 Using modern technical tools and dealing with computers

Certificate Rewarded

Bachelor of Sharia

Entry Reuirements

The student must have obtained a high school or Sharia certificate or equivalent certificates recognized by the competent authorities.

To have the percentage approved by the competent authorities.

- To be healthy and able to study.

- Be of good conduct.

- To abide by the controls and rules of conduct outlined in the bylaws of the college.

If he is a foreigner, he must be residing in Libya ordinarily.

- To submit the original documents required when studying.

- It is permissible to accept the transfer of a student from one of the other universities when he fulfills the admission requirements mentioned in the college regulations.

Submit original documents approved by the department and the college from which the student is transferred, explaining the courses he studied, their vocabulary, the number of units, and the final result for each course, accompanied by the original admission documents.

He must not be dismissed from the college or university to which he is applying.

- He must not have passed more than half of the academic units prescribed for obtaining a license in the specialization he is transferring to, and the transfer request is submitted within the specified deadline.

Study Plan

The Bachelor in Sharia prepares students to qualify for Bachelor in Sharia. The student studies several subjects which have been carefully chosen in this major to cover its different aspects.

It comprises 4 Years of study, in which the student will study a total of 128 units, which include 2 units of general subjects, and 80 major units

Study plan for this program is shown below:

1st Year

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
GS114 02 General +

RE112 02 Compulsory +

RE111 02 Compulsory +

RE110 02 Compulsory +

RE109 02 Compulsory +

RE108 02 Compulsory +

RE107 02 Compulsory +

RE106 02 Compulsory +

RE105 04 Compulsory +

RE104 02 Compulsory +

RE103 02 Compulsory +

RE102 02 Compulsory +

RE101 02 Compulsory +

GS113 02 General +

GS115 02 General +

2nd Year

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
RE119 02 Compulsory +

RE120 04 Compulsory +

RE121 04 Compulsory +

RE122 02 Compulsory +

RE125 02 Compulsory +

RE127 02 Compulsory +

RE124 02 Compulsory +

RE118 02 Compulsory +

RE116 02 Compulsory +

RE 141 02 Compulsory +

GS130 02 General +

GS129 02 General +

GS128 02 General +

RE117 02 Compulsory +

3rd Year

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
RE140 02 Compulsory +

RE144 02 Compulsory +

RE143 02 Compulsory +

RE142 02 Compulsory +

RE139 02 Compulsory +

RE138 02 Compulsory +

RE137 02 Compulsory +

RE136 02 Compulsory +

RE134 02 Compulsory +

RE133 02 Compulsory +

RE132 02 Compulsory +

RE131 02 Compulsory +

GS145 02 General +

RE135 04 Compulsory +

RE 126 02 Compulsory +

4th Year

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
RE160 02 Compulsory +

RE159 02 Compulsory +

RE157 02 Compulsory +

RE156 02 Compulsory +

RE155 02 Compulsory +

RE154 02 Compulsory +

RE153 02 Compulsory +

RE152 02 Compulsory +

RE151 02 Compulsory +

RE150 04 Compulsory +

RE149 02 Compulsory +

RE148 02 Compulsory +

RE147 02 Compulsory +

RE146 02 Compulsory +

GS158 02 General +