Bachelor in Sharia and law

Faculty of Sharia Sciences - tajoura - Department of Sharia and Law


This study program aims to achieve leadership in the field of Sharia and legal sciences with a combination of authenticity and modernity.

The duration of study in this program is four years, during which the student studies fifty-one courses, for a total of one hundred and twenty academic units.


Spreading legal awareness and legal culture among the members of society.

Preparing specialists with academic qualifications in the legal and legal fields.

Linking theoretical knowledge with contemporary scientific applications.

Contribute to the preparation of positive legislation in a manner that does not violate the provisions of Islamic Sharia


a. Knowledge and understanding:

A.1 Knowing and understanding the role of law, its stages of development, and its importance in building the institutions of society.

A.2 The student's understanding of the legal and legal foundations, theories, and trends in the various branches of law and Sharia.

A.3 Knowledge, understanding, and analysis of scientific research methods, the use of analytical tools, and the ability to develop sound legal drafting.

b- Intellectual skills:

B.1 The ability to formulate, analyze and extract legal rules and how to make them a means to preserve the sovereignty of the state.

B.2 The ability to properly interpret legal texts, and to develop legal solutions to match the public interest and the private interest.

B.3 The ability to analyze and validate court rulings and doctrinal issues; To find a solution to the legal and legal problems in question.

c. Practical and professional skills:

C.1 The ability to analyze and derive alternative rules for dispute resolution.

C.2 The ability to deal with government institutions.

C.3 The ability to provide advisory services in the field of specialization.

 D. General skills:

d.1 the ability to communicate with others; To know the most important scientific developments related to the specialization.

D.2 Teamwork and ability to interact with others; For mutual benefit.

D.3 The ability to exchange information with specialists, researchers, and decision-makers, and link academic work with administrative work.

Certificate Rewarded

Bachelor's degree in Sharia and law

Entry Reuirements

The student must have obtained a high school or Sharia certificate or equivalent certificates recognized by the competent authorities.

To have the percentage approved by the competent authorities.

- To be healthy and able to study.

- Be of good conduct.

- To abide by the controls and rules of conduct outlined in the bylaws of the college.

If he is a foreigner, he must be residing in Libya ordinarily.

- To submit the original documents required when studying.

- It is permissible to accept the transfer of a student from one of the other universities when he fulfills the admission requirements mentioned in the college regulations.

Submit original documents approved by the department and the college from which the student is transferred, explaining the courses he studied, their vocabulary, the number of units, and the final result for each course, accompanied by the original admission documents.

He must not be dismissed from the college or university to which he is applying.

- He must not have passed more than half of the academic units prescribed for obtaining a license in the specialization he is transferring to, and the transfer request is submitted within the specified deadline.

Study Plan

The Bachelor in Sharia and law prepares students to qualify for Bachelor in Sharia and law. The student studies several subjects which have been carefully chosen in this major to cover its different aspects.

It comprises 4 Years of study, in which the student will study a total of 122 units, which include 8 units of general subjects, and 110 major units, 2 of elective units. In addition to a final project in the student's major.

Study plan for this program is shown below:

1st Year

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
GS130 computer 02 General +

Computer course is the knowledge of technology and understanding the language of the times and how to access the information network

RL228 02 Compulsory +

RL227 02 Compulsory +

RL226 02 Compulsory +

RL225 02 Compulsory +

RL221 02 Compulsory +

RL217 03 Compulsory +

RL213 03 Compulsory +

RL209 02 Compulsory +

GS115 02 Compulsory +

RL201 02 Compulsory +

RL205 04 Compulsory +

2nd Year

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
RL247 02 Compulsory +

RL233 02 Compulsory +

RL232 03 Compulsory +

RL231 02 Compulsory +

RL230 02 Compulsory +

RL202 02 Compulsory +

RL234 03 Compulsory +

RL236 03 Compulsory +

RL222 03 Compulsory +

RL237 02 Compulsory +

RL218 02 Compulsory +

RL214 03 Compulsory +

RL206 02 Compulsory +

RL210 02 Compulsory +

3rd Year

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
RL238 03 Compulsory +

RL239 03 Compulsory +

RL235 03 Compulsory +

RL240 03 Compulsory +

RL241 02 Compulsory +

RL242 02 Compulsory +

RL243 02 Compulsory +

RL207 02 Compulsory +

RL223 03 Compulsory +

RL219 02 Compulsory +

RL215 03 Compulsory +

RL211 02 Compulsory +

RL203 02 Compulsory +

4th Year

Code Title Credits Course Type Prerequisite
RL244 02 Compulsory +

RL253 02 Elective +

RL252 02 Elective +

RL251 02 Elective +

RL250 02 Elective +

RL249 02 Elective +

RL248 02 Compulsory +

RL208 02 Compulsory +

RL246 02 Compulsory +

RL245 02 Compulsory +

RL212 02 Compulsory +

RL216 04 Compulsory +

RL220 03 Compulsory +

RL204 02 Compulsory +

RL224 03 Compulsory +