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About Registrar

Faculty Registrar:

It supervises the following departments:

A - Admission and Registration Department. It undertakes the following tasks:

Receiving the lists and papers of candidates for admission to the college, reviewing them, and fulfilling the necessary procedures for them

- Completing the procedures related to the transfer of students, registration, suspension, or return of registration.

- Incoming students' affairs.

Preparing lists of students' names distributed among the scientific departments.

Preparing student enrollment records.

Granting certificates of student housing.

- Editing the certificates that are requested from the records by the prescribed provisions.

- Issuance of university cards for students.

- Organizing scientific trips for students in partnership with the concerned authorities.

Preparing statistics and data for students.

B - Student Activities Department. It undertakes the following tasks:

- Suggesting plans related to the student's cultural and sports activities in the college.

- Proposing the preparation of timetables for the implementation of the approved plans, considering the study schedules, examinations, holidays, and their presentation.

- Designing and distributing forms prepared to identify, nurture and encourage talents in various literary, cultural, and artistic fields.

- Participation in the organization of cultural, literary, and artistic festivals.

- Participation in organizing art exhibitions for talented students and faculty members in various artistic fields.

- Participation in university days and camps with artistic performances and cultural, intellectual, and literary competitions.

- Participating in organizing intellectual, cultural, and literary competitions in the fields of novels, short stories, poetry, articles, scientific papers...etc, and distributing prizes to the winners.

Suggesting the printing and publishing of outstanding works in competitions and artistic performances.

Contribute to the revival of religious and national events through literary, cultural, artistic, and sports events in the college.

Forming teams in various sports, assigning coaches to organize them, refining their skills, and providing them with equipment and clothing.

- Organizing sports leagues and distributing prizes to the winners.

- Participation in the organization of artistic, cultural, and literary forums.

Participation in sports festivals and competitions.

I am preparing periodic reports on the activity of the college.

- Any other similar work assigned to the department.

C - Graduates Department. It undertakes the following tasks:

Receive and keep alumni results.

Informing the concerned authorities of the names of the graduates and their estimates.

Complete the data forms for editing certificates, graduation certificates, and graduate degree statements.

Handing over testimonials and certificates to their respective owners after being approved by the competent authorities.

D- Social Service Department. It undertakes the following specializations:

Monitoring, researching, and analyzing the various phenomena within the college, studying their impact on the educational process, and making recommendations in this regard.

- collecting information through questionnaires and research tools; To identify trends and patterns of behavior, analyzing them, and making recommendations thereon.

Participate in the preparation of research and studies related to methods of dealing with deviations and abnormal social phenomena in the college.

- Presenting proposals and recommendations that would consolidate and confirm relations between faculty, staff, and students at various levels.

Providing advice and advice to members of the university community in the college, understanding their problems, and helping them to overcome them.

Preparing social service programs and methods of implementing them within the college.

Preparing periodic reports on the field of specialization.