Dr. HusseinAlbozeidi

Department of English Language Faculty of Education Bin Ghesheer

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Dr. Hussein Faraj Abdulnabi Albozeidi


Doctor of Phiosophy

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The Role

After more than 33 years in the teaching field, which started on 29/12/1987 as a teacher for basic education students until 1996  then as a teacher for secondary school students until 2003, then as an educational inspector of English language subjects. And from 2012 until now as a lecturer in English language department at Qaser Bin Gashir faculty of education, university of Tripoli, that I teach many courses in various classes from the first semester to the eighth semester. During those years in addition of teaching and examination monitoring, I supervised students for their graduation projects, teaching practice and academic supervision to more than 35  students. and in 2013 as head of English language department. 


Career Overview

Lecturer in the English language department since 2012

A Head of the English languge Department 2013

The head of the Corona Pandemic Subcommittee in the College 2019/2020

A head of the first criterion committee (planning) in the quality Assurance program in the faculty 2022

General supervisor for both seasons spring and autumn 2021/2022

Member of Admission committee for new students spring 2022

 Member of the committee for institutional Accrediton Requirements for the quality Assurance program

Research Interests

Research area 

The first published paper ( Wilhem's strategies and teaching of English at secondary level in Libya: Prescriptive Approach regarding reading skills) (An international Refered / peer- Reviewed English e- Journal )

The second published paper  ( Techniques and strategies of teaching reading skills at secondary level: An Applicative Approach) An International - Journal of English language Literature in Humanities

The third published paper ( Practice and principles of Blended learning in ESL/ EFL pedagogy: Strategies, Techniques, and Challenges)   International - Journal of Emerging Technology in Learning ( IJET)

The fourth published paper (Effective Principles and Practices of Teaching Reading skills at the secondary level)

Libyan Journal for Education sciences

External Activities

External activity

- Member of the Preparation Committee for the Second Scientific Conference of the Faculty of Education, Qasrbin Ghashir 2022

- Member of the Preparational  Committee for the First International Conference of the Libyan Association for Educational Sciences 2022

- Coordinator of the English language team to standardize the syllabus of the English language departments for faculties of education at  Libyan universities

Arbitration of research papers for some faculty members

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Hussein Faraj Abdulnabi Albozeidi (1-2019)
International Journal of English language literature in Humanities/ India