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Naima Mohammed Rajab Aljetlawi


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Naima Al-Jatalawi is a faculty member in the Department of Arabic Language at the Faculty of Education, Tripoli. Mrs. Naima Al-Jatalawi has been working as an assistant lecturer at the University of Tripoli since 23-11-2015 and has many scientific publications in her field of specialization. She was also assigned the tasks of studying and examinations in the fall 2016 department, in addition to teaching the following specialization subjects in the department, which are grammar, morphology, Arabic writing principles, language exercises and applications. Linguistics for students of specialization, phonology, and linguistic applications for the class teacher section, in addition to academic supervision and practical education, and teaching general Arabic for all disciplines in the college.


She worked as a secondary education teacher for twenty years, and obtained a master’s degree on 2/7/2012. She was appointed as an assistant lecturer at the Faculty of Education, University of Tripoli.

Research Interests

I completed a research titled The Relationship of Concept and Documentation with Terminology, and it was published in the Journal of the Demonstrated Tongue, Issue Fourteen, in August 2022.

External Activities

She worked as a linguist in the Journal of Education Sciences, in addition to cooperating in teaching Arabic at the Faculty of Law, Languages ​​and Education at the University of Tripoli and the Faculty of Arts at Al-Akhyar Palace / Al-Marqab University from Spring 2012 AD to the date of appointment 2015 AD.

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