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Welcome to the Department of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, a department that combines tradition and modernity. Tradition that is vibrant and connected to the roots of the Arabic language, Islamic studies, and its glorious heritage. Modernity that is new, beneficial, and useful.

The Department of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies was founded in 1996 with the establishment of the Higher Institutes for Teacher Training. In 2005, the college and its departments were affiliated with the university. Hundreds of students have graduated from the department over the years.

Of course, every student in the university is a student in the Department of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies by necessity. The department has taken it upon itself to teach Arabic to all university students, as it is the identity of the state and the nation as a whole, and a distinctive original feature, so we excel. The department also teaches Arabic language courses for specialists who study Arabic as a language, literature, phonology, morphology, syntax, rhetoric, stylistics, modern linguistic sciences, and Islamic studies courses in creed, jurisprudence, worship rulings, border legislations, and narration rules, and others. This is to fulfill a great mission in building the individual, society, and state, and to enable the specialized student to acquire competence and proficiency: linguistic competence in communication, writing, and reading, and cognitive competence in analysis, criticism, elucidation, and explanation. Therefore, the student in this glorious department will obtain the full opportunity to study the etiquette of this blessed language, and the principles of Islamic sciences necessary for his cognitive, emotional, and behavioral formation.

Perhaps one of the highest goals of the department is to graduate specialized teachers who are proficient in Arabic sciences and legal principles, so that they can be active and creative, God willing, in terms of teaching and linguistic correction.

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Bachelor - Arabic Language and Islamic Studies

The study program of the department is concerned with the achievement of the graduate,  by enabling him/her to master the Arabic language in writing, pronunciation and performance and be capable  of employing it, and evaluating the  tongues of students to narrow the  gap between classical  and colloquial, and including the provisions of Islamic knowledge and  Sharia issues and everything related to Islamic  culture, which qualifies  the graduate...


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MUSTAFA ALGIHANI is one of the staff members at the department of 8 faculty of 17. He is working as a since 2013-11-15. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.

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