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Dr. Mohamed Mahboub

  • َQualifications: Doctor of Philosophy
  • Academic Rank: Associate Professor
  • Department of Information Systems
  • Faculty of Information Technology



All since 2019


Dr.Mohamed Abdeldaiem Abelhadi Mahob is one of the faculty members in the Information Systems Department, College of Information Technology, University of Tripoli. His precise specialty is information retrieval systems and his academic degree is Associate Professor. Since 2019, he has held the position of Head of the Information Systems Department since May 2022.


After more than 26 years at the University of Sirte and Tripoli, primarily in teaching and administration roles, Dr. Mohamed Abdeldaiem Mahboub now works full-time as an Associate Professor of Information Systems in the Department of Information Systems. Mohammed's primary roles now are to work as a researcher, PhD supervisor, and occasional lecturer. He publishes regularly in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals and works with a variety of research teams as a director of studies and support supervisor for a variety of undergraduate and graduate students. His teaching has focused heavily on information retrieval systems, and he has developed and currently delivers ad hoc lectures at the request of his colleague on topics of Specialized research.

Research Interests

Mohamed worked for many years at the University of Sirte, where he held the position of Senior Director in various departments of the Faculty of Computer Science before he later moved to the University of Tripoli in the Faculty of Information Technology, Department of Information Systems on 01-01-2018. This allowed him to continue managing the Information Systems Department since May 15, 2022, as head of the Information Systems Department, and encouraged his interest in information systems. Dr. Mohamed is classified as an active researcher and has publications in a group of peer-reviewed and internationally recognized journals. These include the Journal of Service Research, the Journal of Professional Behavior, the Journal of Information Systems and Technology, the European Journal of Technical Security, and Higher Education. His research and writing are in data science and optimization. Most of his work is either conceptual or based on mixed methods, with artificial intelligence and its methods, optimization techniques, and natural language processing.

External Activities

Mohamed's research network consists of colleagues at the University of Tripoli and other Indian/international universities, and he is a regular and ongoing reviewer of manuscripts for both journals and conferences. He has recently worked extensively with a group of researchers from India focusing on academic research work.


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