A developed Shadow Agent based on Ad-hoc Routing used to Optimize the Performance of DSR in different Network Environments




Conference paper

Conference title


Vol. 6 No. 7


Mohamed Abdeldaiem Abdelhadi Mahboub


120 - 125


Abstract— in this research paper, Dynamic Source Routing were under certain studies from different aspects including a comparison between DSR performance according to different environments and with other protocols. DSR is a well-known ad hoc protocol, which is restricted to small networks. A new developed Agent used to enhance the performance of the DSR. A developed shadow Agent has made a new step forward to solve the problem of routing maintenance. This developed Agent has the ability to control the routing in the network which normally holding a routing table to increase the utilization of the routing protocol. The developed shadow Agent has played a major role to handle the expected dis-connectivity that may happen when the Agent changes its location, arabic 19 English 103

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