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The project to develop a training program in the French language represents a guide for faculty members in the French language departments and is intended for a new category of students who have studied this language for three years at the secondary level.

Starting from the next academic year, the French Language Department will seek to reorganize the curriculum to achieve a gradual progression: each subject is advanced in a way that enables achievement and a gradual deepening of the content of the lessons that students receive throughout the academic career (8 semesters of 14 weeks each, equivalent to 230 credits). study hours per semester).

Moreover, the new organization will achieve better alignment with this era, which is witnessing a great development in teaching foreign languages, through an “active approach” that involves the student in the learning process and involves him in responsibility. The main objective is to provide the learner with practical, even vocational, skills.

Therefore, we considered it necessary to focus on oral and written communication in various daily life situations. Thus, the materials related to expression and assimilation are given priority. Students will have practical tools, useful structures and vocabulary that they can use more independently in order to understand French and to be understood by people who speak French. Emphasis will also be placed on specialization subjects (see the career path for Chapters Seven and Eight), and on interaction and teamwork through applied work and research.

The development of this new curriculum is based mainly on the various recommendations contained in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. However, many of the suggestions of our colleagues, who wanted to put this framework within the appropriate context for the needs of Libyan scholars, also constitute another rich source that added more coherence to this project.

It is worth noting that this curriculum provides strategic support to faculty members that facilitates this transitional phase and enables them to deliver what is expected of it. Therefore, we have tried to provide a detailed description of the requirements, general objectives, educational objectives, contents, teaching aids, and assessment methods for the various subjects.

The draft curriculum presented here is the result of work that took place during several meetings held by the faculty members who participated in its preparation, hoping to implement an educational system that is more suitable for the needs of new learners. and waits

This approach should lead to the development of more diversified specializations, of a more practical nature in particular, to enable students to have better opportunities to choose a future profession. We hope that this new organization of educational materials and objectives will serve the real educational transformation, which is to reorient foreign language learning towards more effective educational methods.

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Prof. ENNASER Abdulhamid Mohamed Younes

ENNASER Younes is one of the staff members at the department of 4 faculty of 19. He is working as a since 2006-04-26. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.

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