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Excellence and leadership in the educational and psychological field, academically and professionally. The department works to spread and develop psychological and educational knowledge, in a way that contributes to building a modern and developed society.


Preparing researchers, psychologists and educators who are knowledgeably and professionally qualified, striving to spread psychological and educational culture and knowledge, and providing psychological and educational services to relevant community institutions in order to achieve sustainable development, in accordance with Arab, regional and international standards.


  • Providing students with the general psychological principles and laws of human behavior and enabling them to identify the factors and variables that govern behavior.
  • Providing students with a basic knowledge base in the field of educational sciences to enable them understand the nature of the educational process and its importance to the individual and the society in which they live.
  • Developing students' learning and critical thinking skills and using the quantitative approach that enables them to ask and answer questions through some research strategies.
  • Enabling students to acquire information and scientific facts that help them understand vital natural phenomena, equipped with knowledge that helps them maintain their health and learn about diseases, their causes and methods of treatment.
  • Enabling students to identify abnormal behavior, identify its type, and use appropriate tools to measure it.
  • Enabling students to identify different areas of learning technology and develop their abilities to produce their own research tools.
  • Provide students with the most important concepts related to education, teaching and learning.
  • Introduce students to the forces and factors affecting education in Libya and enable them to familiarize themselves with the educational system, starting from the Ottoman era until the present time.
  • Enabling students to identify educational systems in the Arab world and the world and develop their skills in making educational comparisons between these systems.
  • Provide students with field and practical experience related to one or more areas of psychology.
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