Activities of the International Cooperation Office

Among the activities of the International Cooperation Office in the college:

 Prof. Dr. Bashir Muhammad Youshaa gave a lecture on Wednesday morning corresponding to 08/03/2023 in the Plasma Hall entitled:

 Hexagonal diamond geological properties and the question of its presence in Libya

 It was in the presence of the Dean of the College, Prof. Dr.  Ramadan Al-Jedi and Director of the Office of International Cooperation in the College d.  Ibtisam Al-Usta and Head of the Geophysics Department, Dr.  Abdul Razzaq Ezzeddine and a number of faculty members and postgraduate students

 The lecturer gave an idea about the particles that fall from outer space on Earth, represented by meteorites and minerals that are formed as a result of meteorites hitting the earth and causing the formation of Libyan Desert Glass (LDG), as well as the group arising in the outer universe, which is the hexagonal diamond.

 The lecture ended by enabling the attendees to see with the naked eye a sample of hexagonal diamonds that was present in a jar from one of the sites in Jabal Nafusa. The lecture also touched on the questions raised about the presence of these different types in Libya.

 The audience enriched the discussion, which was useful