Scientific field trip

Mr. A.D. led  Khaled Mohamed Aoun, President of the University and a member of the teaching staff of the Department of Geology in the College, conducted a field trip to the Tarhuna area - Bani Walid today, Friday, February 24, 2023, with the participation of:

 Mr. Dr.  Mabrouk Taher Bossruel

 Dr..  Secretary Abdullah Sharif

 Under the supervision of Mr. A.D.  Osama Ahmed Helal, Head of Geology Department.

 To study volcanic flows in the Vashtatah region (Tarhuna), which is part of a volcanic field covering about 3000 square kilometers, extending from Gharyan to Bani Walid.

  The students studied the rock formations and identified the field relations in addition to the geological structures and the impact of the complex tectonic processes that the region was exposed to during the different geological times in several places, namely:

 Al-Farafit - Wadi Dinar - Wadi Souf Al-Jin - Wadi Al-Mardum paid the tandem.

 Basalt volcanic rocks have been identified, which sometimes appear in the form of flows and sometimes in the form of cones.  The network of valleys that make up the drainage system of the Souf El-Jin Valley, which starts from Algeria and ends with the sea in the Tawergha region, was also identified, and how the basalt flows affected the change of the valley to its old course as a result of the blockage of the old course with basalt flows in the Mardom Valley.  Fault structures and folds were also identified, and stratigraphy was studied.

  The Department of Geology, represented by the head of the department, faculty members and students, would like to extend its thanks, appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Prof.  Khaled Mohamed Aoun, President of the University, for his efforts that he made and is making, and his keenness to complete the scientific program of the field trip, despite his extreme preoccupation and the many tasks entrusted to him.

 May God preserve you as an asset for knowledge and knowledge, and may you always be a beacon of knowledge...