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* Historical        After Libya gained its independence, he began thinking about building educational institutions, as the College of science was established in 1957, which included among its departments a Department of pure mathematics and a Department of Applied Mathematics, to prepare and qualify qualified elements to meet the needs of the country and serve society in all sectors .The department continued to perform its teaching duties for students of the Faculty of Science in all its departments; in 1969, a computer center was attached to it .A Statistics Division was attached to it in 1970 and named the Department of Mathematical Sciences.In the academic year 1971-1972, all mathematics departments at Tripoli university were unified, and the department became a single department at the faculty, performing teaching tasks for all university students in the fields of pure and Applied Mathematics, Statistics and computers.With the development of the curricula, the multi-specialization and the increase in the number of students in the College, the department was divided into three independent departments, namely the Department of mathematics, the Department of Statistics and the computer department, and the situation has continued in this way until now.* Scientific     Mathematics plays an important and fundamental role in most applied and humanitarian fields, and the technical and technological progress that we live today is the result of the use of advanced mathematical methods; as it is said, "If you want to reach the moon, you have to start with the calculation".Perhaps the most important of the Department's ambitions and tasks is to prepare and qualify specialists in the field of mathematics and its applications through the development of an educational program and a study plan for that purpose. The plan also included a graduate studies program to provide community institutions - from schools, higher institutes, university colleges, production, service and research units with specialists.In this regard, the Department of Mathematical Sciences began in 1972 to develop a graduate program, where it offered the following programs:-     1-Diploma in pure mathematics.     2-Master in pure mathematics.     3-Diploma in statistics.     4-Diploma in accounting.But this program was stopped after three years, and in 1985, the Department of mathematics resumed its graduate studies program, where it was limited to a master's degree in pure and Applied Mathematics, and it continues to this moment, as more than 120 students graduated from the program, most of whom contribute to the university teaching process in various university colleges in Libya.The department also contributes to the preparation and revision of methodological books for mathematics courses in the department - and at the secondary specialized level - in addition to the authorship and translation of books and university scientific references.

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Master - Applied Mathematics

The academic specifications and standards of the program that clarify what the student must have achieved upon completion of the program are: ·&...

Master - Pure Mathematics

The academic specifications and standards of the program that clarify what the student must have achieved upon completion of the program are: ·&...

Bachelor - mathematics

The Department of Mathematics offers an integrated study program to obtain a specialized degree (bachelor's), this program is designed to be sequential,...


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