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The Department of Training at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences was established on the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of the college, in line with the requirements of the times and within the framework of the new structure of the college, which corresponds to the evolving vision of its scientific departments, as this department was publicized under the name (training), which included most of the previous practical departments such as (the Department of Games, the Department of Field and Track, the Department of Water Sports and Self-Defense, part of the Department of Exercise and Gymnastics and part of the Department of Specialized Theoretical Sciences) to become one of the leading departments that combine the theoretical aspect The department also received the first batch under this name for the first time in the academic year 2008-2009.

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Bachelor - Sports Science (Training)

The training department is one of the main pillars of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences, and it is the result of merging several departments of the previous structure of  the college and a practical translation, so the  college is looking forward to it in terms of the...

Master - Sports Science (Training)

Recently, the world has been following all that is new in the field of sports training from research and study using information technology to support and develop the training process. Accordingly, knowledge of the scientific bases for planning, preparing, designing, and implementing training programs...


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First: Personal data  Full name: Hassan Al-Ammari Masoud Abdul Rahman Saeed  Religion: Muslim, thank God Nationality: Libyan  Date and place of birth: May 15, 1992 - Abu Salim - Tripoli - Libya Marital status: single     Contact information - Mobile: 0926831727 - Email: E-mail Second: Academic Qualifications: Bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Science - University of Tripoli - 2014 Master's degree in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences - University of Tripoli - 2018 Lecturer's degree Third:- Administrative positions:-  Study and Examination Coordinator at the Training Department - Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences - University of Tripoli (2018-2019)  Member of the Study and Examinations at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (2020)  Member of the Documentation and Information Coordinator in the Training Department of the College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences (2020-2021) Fourth: List of publications: 1- Evaluating the reality of school sports programs for the basic education stage in Abu Salim municipality. 2- A study of the health behavior of tennis players at the Tripoli Academy. Scientific sessions:-  A course in physiotherapy from Al-Istiqa Physiotherapy Center.  Counted courses in human development.  A course in system design from Rubyana Communications and Information Technology. ,,, God grants success ,,,