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The Department of Physiology, Biochemistry, and Nutrition at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is dedicated to providing comprehensive education and conducting research in the fields of veterinary physiology, biochemistry, and nutrition. With a focus on equipping students with a strong foundation in these disciplines, as well as advancing scientific knowledge through innovative research.

The department offers a diverse range of courses in veterinary physiology, biochemistry, and nutrition, providing students with a deep understanding of the physiological processes, biochemical mechanisms, and nutritional requirements of animals. Through engaging lectures, practical laboratory sessions, and interactive discussions, the department aims to foster a solid theoretical and practical knowledge base among students.

In the subject of veterinary physiology, students learn about the normal functioning of various body systems in animals, including cardiovascular, respiratory, gastrointestinal, renal, and endocrine systems. They explore the principles of homeostasis, adaptation, and regulation, enabling them to comprehend the intricate physiological processes that underlie animal health and disease.

In the field of veterinary biochemistry, students delve into the molecular and biochemical basis of life processes in animals. They study the structure and function of biological molecules, metabolic pathways, enzymology, and the integration of biochemical processes within the body. This knowledge equips students with a deep understanding of the biochemical mechanisms underlying animal physiology and pathophysiology.

The subject of veterinary nutrition focuses on the principles of animal nutrition and its impact on health and disease. Students gain insight into the nutritional requirements of different animal species, the evaluation of feed ingredients and dietary formulations, and the role of nutrition in promoting optimal growth, reproduction, and overall well-being. They also explore the impact of nutritional deficiencies and imbalances on animal health and learn to develop appropriate nutritional management strategies.

The department is actively engaged in research endeavors aimed at advancing knowledge in the fields of physiology and nutrition. Faculty members and researchers within the department conduct both basic and applied research projects, exploring various aspects of animal physiology, biochemical processes, and nutritional interventions.

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And it is through studying courses of 36 academic units over a period of 3 semesters, followed by specialized scientific research of 6 academic units. The legal period required to obtain a master’s degree ranges from 36 months according to the Graduate Studies Regulation No. (69) of 2009...


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