• َQualifications: Master degree
  • Academic Rank: Assistant Professor
  • Department of Chemistry
  • faculty of Education Tripoli



All since 2019


I started my professional career as a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry, College of Education, Tripoli, with the degree of assistant lecturer, so that I was distinguished and was a combination of administration and academic leadership, as well as in teaching chemistry for many disciplines.  At the same time, I developed some administrative capabilities by working as a coordinator for studies and exams in the Chemistry Department and managing the Chemistry Department, Faculty of Education, Tripoli page on Facebook.  In addition to this, I supervised graduation projects for students of the Department of Chemistry and also contributed to the academic supervision and teaching many chemistry courses for students of the Department of Chemistry and students of other departments.  I also contributed to many committees in the Faculty of Education, so I was a member of the committees for managing the final exams in the faculty and in the committees for unifying courses in the three faculties of education at the University of Tripoli.  Also, in the year 2020-2022, I was assigned the responsibility of heading the Chemistry Department of the College of Education, Tripoli. Then I was also assigned at the end of the year 2022 as a quality coordinator and also as a coordinator for documentation and information in the Chemistry Department. I am still working to raise the level of the Chemistry Department to be the best.


Since joining the University of Tripoli as a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Education, Tripoli, in 2016, Abu Bakr Al-Tarouq has worked actively and actively in the academic field and university teaching, including developing curricula. His record is also distinguished by his continued activity in managing research teams. Abubaker atrrog may have obtained the following degrees during his university career: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Education, University of Tripoli, 2022 Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Education, University of Tripoli, 2019 - Assistant Lecturer, Department of Chemistry, University of Tripoli 2016

Research Interests

abubaker atrrog has a long experience in scientific research in the field of chromatographic analysis using gas chromatography mass spectrometry, where he cooperated with some research centers in conducting some chemical analyses.

External Activities


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