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In the Name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful


I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Faculty of Science, and it is my pleasure to give you a brief overview of this age-old Faculty.


The Faculty of Science was established in 1957 as the first scientific college in Libya, along with the Faculties of Arts and Economics in Benghazi. It formed the inception  of the University of Libya. In 1973 the University of Tripoli was established and initially included the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Agriculture, and after that several other colleges were created at the University of Tripoli. This Faculty includes 10 scientific departments, which are Zoology, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Geology, Computer Science and Statistics, Atmospheric Science and Geophysics.


The study programs at the Faculty take eight semesters (four years). It is obligatory for students to complete High School to register at the Faculty of Science, with GPA 65 out of 100 (Good).  Students are granted a bachelor’s degree in their field of specialization after completing the theoretical and practical requirements of the academic courses. In addition, the Faculty  grants Master's degrees in all disciplines.


This age-old Faculty has a museum of wild and marine lives, as well as a herbarium for plant life. It also has several laboratories in the field of chemistry, botany and zoology, as well as several computer laboratories and a modern library.


The Faculty of Science develops its curricula and study programs regularly in line with the requirements of society. It conducts many natural, biological, field and environmental studies and scientific research in statistics, mathematics, physics and chemistry. It strives to provide scientific advice to all state institutions. It also provides teaching services to all other colleges at the University of Tripoli, for example, to the Faculties of Engineering, Medical, Agriculture, and Information Technology.


The Faculty of Science seeks to hone creativity and distinction in higher education and scientific research programs and to build effective community partnership in the fields of applied and medical sciences.


The Faculty of Science participates in the advancement of educational services to the community by providing distinguished educational and training programs to qualify local and international competing cadres in applied sciences. It also works on conducting quality scientific researches in the fields of applied and medical sciences.


The Faculty of Science trains students  and prepare specialists in the fields of research and applied sciences by providing integrated study programs that guarantee obtaining the following scientific degrees:


·         Diploma

·         Bachelor degree

·         Masters degree


The Faculty of Science

·         Contributes to teaching of basic and applied sciences, this is done in coordination with other colleges and some universities and higher institutes.

·         Conducts scientific researches and studies in various fields, networks with other institutions and exchanges experiences with other scientific and productive bodies inside and outside Libya.

·         Qualifies students to provide them with the applied skills needed by the labor market, this is done through in scientific and research laboratories in various disciplines.

·         Keeps pace with scientific and technical progress through the continuous development and advancement of its scientific and research programs.

·         Develops the skills of faculty members by providing modern teaching techniques, and supporting them to participate in local and international scientific workshops and conferences.

·         Encourages faculty members to prepare and publish valuable scientific researches in international journals that contribute to solving scientific problems at the local and international levels.

·         Builds relations of cooperation and partnership with other prestigious international universities, and private and public institutions.

·         Provides scientific and research consultations and studies to solve technical and practical problems of both government and private institutions.


The Board of the Faculty (the executive body) has extracted a plan constitutes four main values, which in fact are ​​derived from the guidance of Islam. These values ​​construct the basis on which the Faculty relies in its performance, and the framework governing the ethics of interaction between its students and members. In line with this, the values ​​ are also derived from the values ​​and objectives of the University of Tripoli, which are: mastery, justice and integrity, teamwork, and transparency and accountability. These, we believe, achieve the desired goal. We define them  as follows:


·         Mastery: It means observing God in every work, adhering to quality standards and evaluating performance, striving for excellence and continuous development, and constantly evaluating faculty programs, and monitoring them for the purpose of correction.

·         Justice and integrity: It means treating all faculty members according to the same standards, without prejudice, discrimination or favoritism.

·         Teamwork: It means spreading the spirit of teamwork for achievement, and encouraging cooperation between individuals and groups to achieve tasks and goals.

Transparency and Accountability: It means documenting the faculty's performance reports and trends, publishing them with credibility, and answering all relevant inquiries without delay.


Dean's duties:

The Dean of the Faculty of Science directly supervises the functioning of the college, runs its affairs, and manages its scientific, financial and administrative work within the limits of the policy drawn up by the University Council and the Board of the Faculty in accordance with the provisions of laws, regulations and decisions in force, and in particular, the Dean, has to perform the following:


·         Presides over the Faculty Council/Board, supervises the organization of its affairs, invites to attend sessions, implements decisions, and sends minutes of  sessions to the President of the University.

·         Applies the regulations and systems of the Higher Education Council.

·         Achieves goals and higher policies at the University of Tripoli.

·         Implements the decisions of the University Council regarding the faculty.

·         Supervises the preparation of the faculty's strategic plan and follows up on its implementation.

·         Supervises the administration of the faculty’s educational, research, administrative, financial and cultural affairs.

·         Develops the faculty in terms of administration, academic work and research.

·         Coordinates and develops the faculty's relations inside and outside the university.

·         Supervises the provision of all educational, research, administrative and financial requirements of the faculty.

·         Evaluates the performance of the faculty's vice-dean, heads of academic departments, directors and heads of faculty units.

·         Forms the necessary committees to perform needed tasks.

·         Prepares a comprehensive periodic report on the course of study and academic, administrative and research performance in the faculty and transferring it to the President of the University.

·         Sends administrative work of heads of departments, and their observations of violations of the required tasks or any other violations of faculty member and the like, to the president of the university.

·         Carries out the duties delegated to them by the Faculty Board.

·         Represents the faculty nationally and internationally.

·         Implements what is assigned to them by the University Council or its President.

·         Supervises the educational process, implements its plans, and develops its academic programs.

·         Ensures application of quality, evaluation and accreditation systems and regulations.

·         Monitors the performance of examinations and controlling order and discipline within the faculty.

·         Supervises the implementation of study plans and programs at the college

·         Selects the Vice Dean and Heads of Academic Departments and sends recommendation for their appointment to the President of the University.

·         Approves minutes of department councils' meetings.

·         Implements Faculty Board recommendations.

·         Issues internal decisions required for the proper functioning of the faculty in accordance with the rules and regulations.

·         Approves job performance reports prepared by the Vice Dean, heads of department, directors of departments and administrative units regarding employees.

·         Approves the granting of regular, compulsory and exceptional leave to faculty members with reporting to the presidency of university and employee affairs in accordance with the system in place.

·         Delegates their powers in accordance with university labor regulations and rules.

·         Approves performance evaluation reports submitted to them by the faculty units.

·         Recommends disbursement of entitlements to extra work done by faculty members.

·         Recommends assignment to work outside the official working hours of the college.

·         Recommends attendance of courses for faculty employees inside and outside the university.


 Duties of the Vice Dean:


The Vice Dean, of the Faculty of Science is responsible for supervising the work of the following committees:


·         Carries out the duties of the faculty dean in the event of his absence, in coordination with the university administration.

·         Supervises the study and examinations units and the registrar in the faculty.

·         Supervises educational programs, student affairs, and the curriculum development process.

·         Ensures implementation of articles of regulations and rules regarding study and exams.

Supervises libraries and educational resources and textbooks.

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