Preparatory stage committee meeting for applied sciences

Today, Tuesday, January 17, 2023 AD, in the meeting room of the College of Science, a meeting of the Preparatory Stage Committee for Applied Sciences was held today, headed by Dr. Jamal Ander, "General Coordinator of the Stage", and the presence of:

- Dr. Khaled Al-Arabi (Mathematics course coordinator).

- Dr. Khaled Al-Tamimi (Physics Course Coordinator)

- Dr. Muhammad Al-Misrati (statistics course coordinator).

- Dr. Samira El Hattab (Arabic Course Coordinator)

- Dr. Bashir Al-Janash (English course coordinator)

- a. Hussein Qunoud (computer course coordinator)

- a. Akram Milad (committee member).

- a. Ahmed Samoud (committee member)

- Wafa Masoud (Committee Rapporteur).

The meeting discussed the following items:

- Discussing the course of the educational process in the applied stage.

- Discussing midterm exams and the mechanism for distributing exam sitting numbers.