Faculty of Physical and Sport Sciences {PESPS}

Word Of the Dean Faculty of Physical and Sport Sciences {PESPS}

The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences welcomes everybody to this scientific edifice. Faculty staff members, employees and technicians work hard to help students in choosing a path of interest. Our teachings are creativity-based, and this is in order to participate in the development of the field in Libya. The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science with its three departments (Training - Teaching - Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy) is one of the Faculty is responsible for drawing you the path of success and excellence. It is a cornerstone and a gateway for students majoring sport sciences. The academic courses in the Faculty have been determined, whether at the level of bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degrees as a future aspect that includes the most important means that work to achieve these goals.

This is not the outcome of an individual effort but rather a collective contribution to provide a comprehensive presentation through which the features of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences can be identified to visitors. It shows the Faculty’s objectives and presents departments and future orientations.

 The Faculty has very helpful faculty members, heads of scientific departments, directors and heads of offices that makes takes every obstacle away so that students have clear vision of their path.

 I cannot fail to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to the President of the University of Tripoli, and the university vice president, for all offering all the materials and places needed for the Faculty to be distinguished in its programs, these include playgrounds, halls and laboratories, etc. The Faculty thanks them for their constant encouragement to raise the level of activities to the highest scientific levels. 


The college aspires to be a leader in the field of physical education and sports sciences at the local and regional levels during the next ten years (2025). We are the best locally - towards the best regionally.

Pioneering in providing consultations, research, scientific and sports culture.

Continuous development in all disciplines and capabilities.

The confidence of others in our outputs.

Scientific and cognitive excellence.


The Faculty strives to be distinguished with the highest competence in all its disciplines: teaching, training, and rehabilitation and physiotherapy.


The Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences aims to form a qualified person who is able to understand, research and study, and his willingness to develop and develop his capabilities and talents in his field of specialization, and his openness to all branches of science related to his field of specialization, and to provide him with the skill and modern scientific and technological culture, in order to provide the community with experts to contribute to planning, training and development, through :

Preparing and qualifying graduates of the Faculty of Physical Education in training, teaching, movement therapy and rehabilitation.

Carrying out scientific research and studies, holding scientific conferences and seminars, consolidating links and exchanging experiences with scientific bodies inside and outside the country, and contributing to providing scientific and technical advice to sports institutions and bodies, and rehabilitation and treatment centers.

Spreading awareness of the importance of physical education, sports sciences and various related sciences.

Raise the level of its graduates and workers in the field through training and qualification courses.

* Contribute to the dissemination of scientific, health and sports culture and cooperate with other colleges as the available capabilities allow


The Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Sciences adopts the values of high quality teaching methods, transparency, creativity, diversity and difference in its outputs. It also equips students with characteristics of leadership, efficiency, speed, accuracy, mastery and excellence of scientific standards.

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We are proud of what we offer to the world and the community




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