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Mr. rana almukhtar ali aissa

بدأت مسيرتي المهنية كمعيدة في قسم اللغة الانجليزية وتخصصت في علم اللغة التطبيقي


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Introducing Slang to English Language Learners

Real life conversations do not include formal spoken interactions all the time; learning to use slang will help convergence, divergence, and maintenance, which constitute speech accommodation theory. Convergence is “accommodation towards the speech of one’s interlocutors” (Meyerhoff, 2006, p. 307). In other words, how individuals are familiarized to each other’s linguistic features during speech. In the case of ELLs, they needed to gain social approval in their new community, which makes convergence occur. They use slang to maintain their social approval and construct their identity. Their convergence is downward convergence since they use slang to belong to their school community arabic 5 English 41
Entisar ALi Hadi Elsherif, Nadia Abdurrahman A. Nsir(1-2021)
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Strategies towards the Implementation of Blended Learning in Engineering Education

Blended learning is widely adopted as an effective approach to develop the traditional teaching style, and to fulfill the satisfaction of learners, students, and institutions. Therefore, this paper discusses the effectiveness of blended learning with learning management systems (LMS) implications in higher engineering education. Blended learning concepts, components, and challenges are discussed, as well as strategies of implementation are introduced.
• Osama Terfas(1-2021)
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Using Discussion Boards to Bridge the Communication Gap for Educational Purposes.

Many classrooms utilize discussion boards to aid the teaching and learning process. This research paper examines the use of the discussion board academically and on a social scale. It is a case study analysing the incorporationof two Viber discussion boardsamongsttwo professional development courses designed for pre-service and in-service teachers of Libyan schools. The aim is to use the discussionboard as a means of exchanging ideas, requesting explanations, and inquiring information from trainees and their instructors. The data collected is analyzed qualitatively using content analysis, then coded into three initial coding schemes. A questionnaire was also distributed amongst the members of the discussion boards. The findings bring to light that utilizing discussion boards as a method of collaboration enhances the communication process amongst the participants and strengthens the educational process. It furthermore displayed the crucial role an instructor plays in a discussion board.
Tasneem enbaya, Nadia Nuseir(1-2021)
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