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Mr. Amani Mohamed Khalifa Blaao

أماني بلاعو هي احد اعضاء هيئة التدريس بقسم اللغة الانجليزية بكلية اللغات. تعمل السيدة أماني بلاعو بجامعة طرابلس كـمحاضر مساعد منذ ولها العديد من المنشورات العلمية في مجال تخصصها


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The Lady in Black

Abstract: The Lady in black is a narrative fiction novel of imaginative events and imaginative characters that are given a scope and a breathing space in real places to express their feelings and to make decisions of their own. Rami and his daughter, Rosalinda or the referred to as the Lady in black, are the main characters of this novel. Rami, the only son of the Libyan Sunni’s family made a journey to Palermo / Italy that resulted in getting his MD with honors, getting married to the Italian Lucia Ricci, the birth of his daughter, Rosalinda and his assassination in Rome. After having discovered that her father was not the Italian Bruno as she had thought for so long but the Libyan Rami, she broke up with the Bruno’s family and promised to revenge her biological father’s death. She accompanied the Palermo group in their sail to Libya not with the intention as they did to participate in the 2011 February liberation war, but mainly to find the assassins of her father and to revenge his death. She, however, found herself in the middle of the Libyans war and could not get anywhere and had to fight for her life, but she was arrested by the Gaddafi’s militia and was transferred to Rexes hotel in Tripoli. There she met the assassin face to face and shut him dead, declaring in her Libyan grandparents’ residence that her war was done and had to mix with action once more.
منار مبروك الأسطى (2014)
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Curriculum Deficiencies in T.T. Institutes to Train and Prepare the Professionally Qualified Teachers, to Teach English for Specific Purposes in Secondary Schools in Tripoli

Abstract: The main concern of this thesis is to examine the deficiencies of very important role of curriculum and syllabus plans in Tripoli Teacher Institutes to train and prepare the professionally qualified teachers to teach English for Specific Purposes in secondary schools in Tripoli. This study intended to investigate whether the curriculum and syllabus plans used in Teacher Training Institutes are adequate for training and preparing professional English for Specific Purposes teachers in secondary schools in Tripoli. Curriculum includes the philosophy, purposes, design, and implementation of the whole program. In this study a questionnaire and interview (of fifteen items) were distributed to two hundred and twenty five students who were enrolled in the 6th, 7th, and 8th semesters in the English department in Tripoli, Ganzour, and Bin- Ghesher in three Teaching Training, a questionnaire of twelve items was distributed to twenty secondary school teachers in various secondary schools in (Tripoli, Ganzour, and Bin- Ghesher ) schools, and interviews to twenty institute teachers in three institutes in Tripoli for investigation of curriculum and syllabus plans.
محجوبة أبوبكر الزيدي (2012)
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The Role of Motivation Among Ranking Police Officers in Learning English in Tripoli from their point views

" من خلال تجربته كأستاذ للغة الانجليزية بالإدارة العامة للتدريب والنادي الاجتماعي لاحظ الباحث إن معظم ضباط الشرطة لديهم الحافز(الدافع) القوي لتعلم اللغة الانجليزية وذلك كلا حسب مكان وطبيعة عملة وامكانياتة. ومن خلال تواجد الباحث تمكن من معرفة بعض المعوقات التي تكون محبطة لحافز التعلم اللغوي لديهم. لذلك تقرر البحث في هذه المشكلة وتقديم بعض المقترحات التي تساعد علي رفع مستوي الحافز لدي ضباط الشرطة لتعلم اللغة الانجليزية. قام الباحث أولا بجمع المعلومات من خلال إجراء استبيان ومسح لبعض أراء كبار ضباط الشرطة في هذا الصدد. ويتضمن البحث أربعة فصول وهي كالأتي: الفصل الأول: يتناول عرضا شاملا لدور الحافز في تعليم اللغة الانجليزية لدي ضباط الشرطة. الفصل الثاني: دراسة عملية عن دور الحافز لدي ضباط الشرطة في تعلم اللغة الانجليزية. الفصل الثالث: يتناول هذا الفصل تحليلا لنتائج الدراسة العملية التي أجريت على ضباط الشرطة. الفصل الرابع: وينتهي بالنتائج والتوصيات التي توصل إليها. Abstract: Some police officers in Libya are still not clear about the reasons why they need to learn English. Most of them have studied English for a long time, since preparatory school, and they are not aware of the benefits they gained through learning English. It is easy for them to follow teachers’ instructions without strong motivated self-learning. The phenomena of a few independent learning models may explain why police officers usually do not have a systematic way of learning English, or a clear goal for studying the language. However, the only concern they have is to pass the final English examination at the end of a given course. Learners’ motivation determines the degree of their efforts and personal participation in learning English. This thesis examines police officers’ motivation of learning English, looks at definitions of motivation, Gardner’s social-educational model, and addresses how to facilitate the efficient teaching. Researching Gardner’s theory on police officers’ motivation can help teachers to use classroom activities that can stimulate students’ interests in learning English better. This thesis includes four chapters: The first chapter: Background of the Study this chapter talks about Motivation and language learning. The role of motivation in success the language learning. Why ranking police officers are motivated to learn English? The second chapter: Literature Review; in this chapter I will define motivation and types of motivation. This chapter also reviews motivation theories, including Gardner’s social psychological approach and Gardner’s socio-educational model. The third chapter: In this chapter, I did an experimental study to measure motivation of ranking police officers in learning English in Tripoli and then analysis of data and findings. The fourth chapter: In this chapter, I have collected the results and Conclusion and also the recommendations of the research. The relevant motivation theories can help teachers to build a supportive learning environment, to initiate students’ interest, and to enhance their learning motivation. As far as police officers, they generally lack learning motivation and have lower proficiency; therefore it is necessary for teachers to use appropriate strategies to cultivate students’ motivation. "
محمد عمر علي عاشور (2010)
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