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Translation, with its cultural specificity, is a bridge of communication, and it is an essential pillar of progress, renaissance, and civilization. The movement of translation and authorship has played a prominent role in the growth of Arab civilization in an atmosphere of distinctive and creative cultural openness, in which the Arab self has no fear of being lost.

  Due to the urgent need to provide qualified translators in all fields, such as translation and interpretation, conference and seminar service, and to encourage the movement of translation from foreign languages into Arabic and vice versa. The Department of Translation was established in 2008, with a proposal submitted by the honorable Dr. (Zakia Ali Al-Dheeb), accompanied by Dr. (Khalifa Abu Bakr Al-Aswad), who had a prominent role in the success of the department, and the department is the first of its kind in the official Libyan universities.

Teaching in the department is based on (11) members (1) with the rank of Professor, (1) with the rank of Assistant Professor, (2) with the rank of Lecturer, and (7) with the rank of Assistant Lecturer, who are graduates of American, British, Arab and Libyan universities, and who are specialists in the field of translation in addition to Four faculty members have implemented their decision to send them to obtain a doctorate degree in the field of translation. The department seeks to develop its outputs to include other living languages. The department also holds an annual cultural season in which it receives lectures on translation and its role in community service.

Head of the translation department


A point of intellectual cultural radiation and a distinguished research institution of high quality in the fields of translation and Arabization.


Providing an advanced program to prepare and train qualified translators and translators and provide services and expertise to individuals and organizations inside and outside the university.


  • Preparing translators and training them to practice translation and providing them with theoretical sciences, experiences and professional skills in this field.
  • Encouraging university faculty members to research and write in the field of translation and Arabization studies.
  • Providing advice and services in the field of translation and Arabization to the university and to the various sectors of society.
  • Encourage the movement of translation in the university and society and the transfer of science and knowledge from foreign languages to Arabic.
  • Encouraging and supporting the Arabization movement and developing scientific terminology in the Arabic language.
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