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    The Department of English Language was established in the city of Tripoli in 1965 and was affiliated to the Higher Teachers College and continued with the change of name to the College of Education in 1971 AD, then to the Humanities Center in 1986 AD. In the academic year 1986-1987, the College of Languages was established under the name of the Language Center. In 1988, the General People’s Committee (previously) decided No. 245 of 1988 to name the center in the name of the College of Languages. In the year 2002, the College of Languages, the College of Social and Applied Sciences, and the College of Education were merged under the name “ college of Literature".   At the beginning of the fall semester of the academic year 2008-2009, the academic activity of the Faculty of Languages was resumed in all its stages in accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Education (formerly) No. 535 of 2007 regarding the reorganization of universities and higher institutes, and then the language departments, including the English language department, were all separated. students and professors," which was integrated into the Faculty of Arts.

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Master - English Language

      The MA in Applied Linguistics is a program that allows you to develop expertise in specific areas of linguistics, such as corpus linguistics, cognitive linguistics, discourse analysis and/or language pedagogy. The program combines a range of core modules and optional modules...

Bachelor - English Language

       The English language is an important language socially, politically and economically, as the English language is spoken around the world by nearly 1,500 million speakers, and it is also considered the best described language in the world. The Bachelor's degree program...


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Ms. ِAhlam Mahmoud Nasr Alshaiebi

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