Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

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The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine strives for distinction, innovation and leadership in the fields of veterinary medical sciences. 


The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine:

·         is keen to graduate veterinarians with high professional and scientific competence.

·         provide distinguished study programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

·         carry out and develop high-quality scientific research.

·         prepare veterinary advisory plans that contribute to spreading the health culture, so that it offers distinguished community service.

preserve the environment and protect humans from common diseases.


The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine aims at:

·         graduating doctors with professional knowledge and experience in veterinary medical sciences. This will enable them to play their active and vital role in society.

·         qualifying students for bachelor’s degrees in veterinary medicine at high scientific levels through postgraduate studies.

·         contributing to developing and implementing of scientific research strategies for sustainable advancements.

·         providing veterinary health services, scientific studies and consultations, training and continuing education to society.

·         participating in economic development in Libya by protecting livestock from diseases.

·         participating in local and international scientific and cultural programs, workshops, seminars conferences. It communicates with relevant international bodies and organizations for progressing and following up-to-date events and studies.

contributing to raising of medical awareness in society by preparing counseling programs and holding scientific courses and seminars.


Meeting students' satisfaction.

Assuring Quality and distinction in the educational process.

Encouraging the teamwork spirit.

Encouraging continuous development and improvement.

Adhering to regulations and legislation of the public sector.

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