Under the slogan of our future children

Under the slogan of our future children

This was the title of the educational and recreational student activity organized by Ms. Amal Tomy and in cooperation with: students of environmental psychology, child culture and field applications,

The festival opened on Wednesday, 18/1/2023, at eleven o’clock in the morning, in the College Theatre,

Verses from the Holy Quran recited by the student, Islam Yusef Khalifa, in the Kindergarten Department, then saluting the flag (the national anthem).

Then Mrs. Khadija El-Komati, Head of the Kindergarten Department, delivered an introductory speech about kindergartens and their active participation. After that, Ms. Amal Al-Toumi, founder of the festival, delivered an introductory speech about kindergartens.  And its importance and role after welcoming the attendees and guests,

The workshop was attended by some faculty members, some employees and students

The festival activities began with a presentation on environmental pollution presented by his student Ghufran Al-Hari, followed by a verse about the mother presented by Doaa Saleh Abu Al-Hol, and then presentations were presented by the students of the department.