General meeting of SAHA project (Tripoli meeting)

On Wednesday morning, 7-14-2021 , the University of Tripoli hosted the general meeting of the SAHA project, in the communication hall of the International Cooperation Office. 

The meeting was opened by Prof. Khaled Aoun, President of the University of Tripoli, welcomed the attendees and expressed the university's support for all international activities and programs that would contribute to raising the efficiency of the university's administrative and educational process. 

 The meeting was attended by Prof. Dr. Antonio Moreno, Project Manager from the University of Pavia, Italy. And representatives of the Libyan and European universities partner in the project.

The team has discussed the work package related to implementation of the health management in 6 Libyan universities.

It is worth mentioning that the project aims to raise the efficiency of partner universities with regard to health management, and it is among the projects funded by the European Union.