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The International Cooperation Office (ICO) at the University of Tripoli (UoT) establishes scientific and cultural cooperation between the UoT and the national, regional and international higher education institutions, by exchanging information, experiences and scientific advice with other international counterpart institutions. These exchange programs are for faculties, students and employees. The ICO prepares drafts of memoranda of understanding and contracts to activate cooperation agreements with various universities and research institutions. It also coordinates scientific conferences, seminars and workshops.

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2020-10-23 276 0

The ICO invites you to attend the webinar series titled “Post-Crisis Journalism in Post-Crisis Libya” organized by Erasmus+ Project PAgES about journalism and its transformations in the digital age. For four Mondays, from October 26th to December 7th 2020, PAgES will host open online lectures given by international leaders in the field, addressing some of the most relevant challenges to contemporary journalism, from both professionals and audience perspectives. This initiative is part of the online training on "Cross-Media Journalism, A learning journey exploring journalism(s) in the digital age" developed by PAgES in order to contribute to the modernisation of the Higher Education (HE) sector in Libya through the design and pilot of a Master Course in Cross-Media Journalism. We invite students and academics from the faculties of Journalism, Media and Communication, practitioners, journalists and anyone interested in learning more about the current transformations and trends in journalism practices and education, to join the online events and to participate in the conversation with the community of academics from the four Libyan universities participating in the project.The webinar series is open to all, but signup required. See details:  

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2020-10-22 205 0

The ENBRAIN project partners had an online meeting, last October 22, to discuss the development of the project's various work-packages.The Master in Renewable and Sustainable Energy, the Seed Courses, the ENBRAIN website translation to Arabic, and some administrative issues were addressed in this meeting.However, the main news was the approval of the extension of the project.

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2020-09-05 241 0

The International Cooperation Office at the UoT is pleased to share with you the happy news that the UoT has won two important capacity building projects that are supervised and financed by the European Union within the scope of Erasmus+ projects. The first one is 'ibtikar' focuses on innovation and aims at supporting, developing and promoting research and innovation activities in Research Centers in Libya. The project contributes to advancing the infrastructure of scientific research centers in Libyan universities. The second one is the "Sehha Project", that is centered around curriculum development and graduate programs in the field of community health. At the same time, the ICO seizes this opportunity to thank the Presidency of the University of Tripoli for the unlimited support for international cooperation programs. We also thank our colleagues in the International Cooperation Office for the concerted efforts that led to this well-deserved culmination.

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2020-08-26 259 0

The International Cooperation Office at the University of Tripoli call on experts in Water Scarcity and Food Security to participate in projects VisioTerra.The company headed by Professor Serge RIAZANOFF responds to the call for tenders "EO AFRICA Research and Development Facility" of the European Space Agency (ESA). This project will allow you to:· propose an R&D project that will be funded with another European university or institute relating to the themes of "water scarcity" and "food security",· access the "EO AFRICA Innovation Lab" to give you near real-time access to Sentinel data, time series, interactively process them remotely, share views, export them...· participate in training in remote sensing, programming of the "EO AFRICA Innovation Lab", management of water and agriculture applications by satellites..., face-to-face or remotely on a dedicated platform: the "Digital Space Campus ".For more than 8 years, VisioTerra has been developing the VtWeb platform for free access to satellite, meteorological, climatic, biogeophysical and socio-economic data. This platform will be used to build “EO Innovation Lab” which will be more powerful than Google Earth Engine. VtWeb has produced galleries of "hyperlooks" (rich hyperlinks describing on-the-fly processing) which you can find in the documents below for your country. You can activate hyperlooks and browse the data (see video):· Desert wind blows across the Mediterranean Sea· World food day - Growing food in the Libyan desert· Desert colours and patterns in Libya· Desert colours in the Tibesti - Ennedi - Gilf el-Kebir region· Climate Change in Africa experts should fill in this form before 7/09/2020

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Mr. ehabeddin emhemed mohamed Elftisi

اسمى إيهاب امحمد الفطيسى متحصل على شهادة البكالوريوس في كلية الهندسة قسم الهندسة الكيميائية خريج سنة 2005 , متحصل على ماجستير في العلوم البيئة سنة 2016 , اعمل في مركز البحوث التقنيات الحيوية باحت في قسم البيئة والأغذية والتطبيقات الحيوية , منتدب للعمل في جامعة طرابلس لذا مكتب رئيس الجامعة نشغل حاليا رئيس وحدة المشاريع الأوروبية وكذلك رئيس وحدة التحقق من الشهادات .

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