Workshops on the Faculty of Fine Arts' website on SharePoint.

In order to establish an electronic database, and to activate joint and simultaneous work between the work teams of the Faculty of Fine Arts from faculty members and employees, and to facilitate access and joint work on files and data and keep pace with their update by taking advantage of cloud services. The faculty launched its local SharePoint site service.  

The Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Tripoli begins a series of training workshops for faculty members and staff. This week's workshop will be presented by Dr. Wael abughres via  the Microsoft Teams  application   to introduce the advantages and importance of using (SharePoint), in educational institutions, as a cloud electronic  service that provides appropriate storage capacity and interactive dynamics, through  which professors and employees in the educational institution can Share files, data, news and resources, with the aim of facilitating and organizing work, facilitating collaboration and communication for team members inside and outside the institution, and quick access to academic program links.  


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