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The Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Tripoli provides academic programs in the fields of fine, performing and applied arts and aims to qualify graduates specialized in the fields of design, sculpture, drawing, photography, directing, acting, montage, cinema, creative writing... and other fields of arts and creativity. It is the first specialized academic institution in the country that works to fill the needs of the labor market and contribute to spreading artistic and cultural awareness, consolidating aesthetic and creative values, and developing and supporting artists... through periodic exhibitions and festivals supervised by the college and the university.

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Bachelor - Cinema

Cinema is within the academic programs offered by the Department of Visual Arts at the College of Arts and Media. The student is awarded a bachelor's degree...

Bachelor - Animation

The animation program is one of the programs that emanates from the Department of Visual Arts, and this division was opened, given that animation began...

Bachelor - Criticism and Dramatic Writing

This program grants a bachelor's degree in Criticism and Dramatic Writing, after the student passes 65 credits, including general compulsory courses and...


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Dr. Emhemed Abdunabi almadne Dawood