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The Department of Translation was established in the College of Languages / University of Tripoli as of the beginning of the academic year 2008 AD, then it became part of the College of Languages after its revival and rebirth. From foreign languages to Arabic and vice versa. The first batch of students of the department graduated at the end of the academic year 2012.

The beginning was limited to transferring to and from English, and the department is currently seeking to introduce the French language, starting from the fall semester 2015 AD. The department also offers, through its students, translation activities that serve national institutions, companies, and foreign embassies in Tripoli.

Teaching in the department is currently conducted by twelve faculty members who are graduates of British universities and the Libyan Academy (1) with the rank of professor, (1) with the rank of associate professor, (1) with the rank of assistant professor, (2) with the rank of lecturers, (7) with the rank of assistant lecturer from Translation specialists. The department also includes (4) four members with the rank of assistant lecturer who are delegated to study in Britain and (19) nineteen teaching assistants who will be dispatched to complete their studies in prestigious Western universities in the fields of translation and translation technology in order to meet the department’s needs and achieve its future aspirations.

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Bachelor - Translation

The world looks with great respect and appreciation to all students of translation, as it is one of the unique disciplines that has succeeded in achieving perfect linkage and communication between all countries and peoples of the world. In a world that speaks more than seven thousand languages, It was never easy for understanding to happen without translation, which was and still is the perfect bridge to achieve communication and introduce the world to millions of civilizations and cultures,...


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Department of Translation has more than 14 academic staff members

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Naeimah Al suweee Ali Ali

Naeimah Ali is one of the staff members at the department of 6 faculty of 19. He is working as a since 2015-05-17. He teaches several subjects in his major and has several puplications in the field of his interest.

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