Vulnerabilities of Biometric Authentication “Threats and Countermeasures”




Conference paper

Conference title

International Journal of Information & Computation Technology


Vol. 10 No. 4


Abdulmonam Omar Ahmed Alaswad
Ahlal H. Montaser
Fawzia Elhashmi Mohamad


947 - 958


Biometric systems have a powerful potential to provide security for a variety of applications, systems are nowadays being introduced in many applications and have already been deployed to protect personal computers, Banking machines, credit cards, electronic transactions, airports, high security institutions like nuclear facilities, Military Bases and other applications like borders control, access control, sensitive data protection and on-line tracking systems. While biometrics may improve security in different environments and serve many purposes, biometric systems, like any other security system, have vulnerabilities and are susceptible to threats. they are susceptible to external vulnerabilities of biometric systems so that their weaknesses can be found and useful countermeasures against foreseeable attacks can be developed The increasingly high profile use of biometrics for security purposes has provoked new interest in researching and exploring methods of attacking biometric systems.

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