Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Two-Stage Concrete and Conventional Concrete Using Nondestructive Tests





Journal title

Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering


Vol. 2020 No. 32


Hakim S. Abdelgader


1 - 10


Different types of concrete mixtures are used as building materials. The manufacturing process of two-stage concrete (TSC) differs from that of conventional concrete. This study investigated conventional mechanical properties derive empirical relations for estimation of the mechanical parameters of TSC and conventional concrete mixtures. TSC was used to prepare 216 specimens and conventional concrete was used to prepare 108 specimens that then were aged for 28 days. Uniaxial compression, Brazilian tensile strength, and point load tests were carried out as destructive testing. Schmidt hammer and ultrasonic pulse velocity tests were carried out as nondestructive testing. The data from testing were categorized as regression or test data. Empirical relations were derived between the parameters for the two types of concrete, and these relations were validated. It was concluded that indirect, nondestructive testing of engineering materials, including concrete, considerably increases the speed and decreases the estimation cost of determining the mechanical parameters. This method can be recommended for estimation of these mechanical parameters. arabic 13 English 97

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