Solving the Problem of the Coarse Aggregate Segregation





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Hakim S. Abdelgader


As we known the traditional concrete (TC) is primarily composed of a mixture of cement, fine and coarse aggregates, and water. TC is made by mixing together all the components before placing them. Using two-stage concrete to solve and to eliminate the problem of the aggregate segregation which appears in TC and in the self-compacting concrete. Two-stage concrete (TSC) is a type of concrete that is placed in two stages where the coarse aggregates are first placed inside the formworks and then the grout is pumped from underneath through a manual pump. The main difference between TC and TSC is the method of preparation and size of aggregates. The described above technology is unique as it allows us to prevent aggregate segregation in a ready mixture. The results presented in this paper indicate that this technology is promising for any kind of concrete applications. arabic 7 English 48

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