Reconstruction of Medical Image Registration and Applications in EIT




Conference paper

Conference title

Libyan International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Technologies (LICEET2018)


Amani Soliman
Abulgasim M. Shallof


672 - 674


Medical image registration is process for determining the correspondence of features between two medical collected at different times and different position or using different imaging modalities, where the aim is to follow changes in two imaging. The aim in Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) is to exploit the difference in the passive electrical properties of tissues in order to generate a tomographic image. The advantage of such a technique over other imaging modalities is that it provides a non-invasive and sensitive method of probing the body using non ionizing radiation. This paper will Shows the reconstruction of image registration and application in multi frequency electrical impedance tomography. Using by the determination of the appropriate coordinate transfer function (CTF), the image reconstruction has been improved, and the all information in the image can be obtained.

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