3D Holoscopic Image Video Content Display on Volumetric Displays:The next generation 3D TV technology




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Vol. 7 No. 6


Dr. Mahmoud Geat Eljadid
Prof. Amar Aggoun


1 - 4


Integral imaging, also known as Holoscopic imaging to be promising approach for glassless 3D and Its methodology uses the principle of “Fly’s eye” and hence allows natural viewing of objects (i.e. fatigue free viewing), In this paper, the main objective is to provide a new plug-in tools for full parallax computer generated 3D Holoscopic content, based mainly on 3D Virtual Reality Modeling Language parser to enable 3D integral images content and rendering to be produced from VRML file format, and displayed on auto-stereoscopic. In the proposed system, the 3D content is either captured by a single camera with a micro lens, cylindrical lens array or computer generated to allow for mixed 3D video generation. Multiprocessor ray tracing system is adapted to be able to generate 3D integral images that containing 3D IIVRML integral images content parser modules; new 3D IIVRML file format is created by uses 3D unidirectional camera parameters in order to import/accept into ray tracer renderer software. Experimental results show validation of the new plug-in software tool and tests on such Tie scene and Cessna scene . Consequently, 3D integral images frames and short time 3D II movie are generated and displayed without a glass on PC screen, LCD and the HoloVizio.



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