Extracting Geographic 3D Integral Images Data from Raster Maps




Conference paper

Conference title

Forth International Conference on Technical Sciences (ICST2021)


Vol. 12 No. 1


Dr. Mahmoud Geat Eljadid


1 - 5


Holoscopic 3D imaging (H3D) technology also known as integral imaging is a true 3D imaging technology. It offers the simplest form that is capable of recording and replaying the true light field 3D scene in the form of a planar intensity distribution, by employing Microlens array. Despite it uses the same characteristics of holographic, it records the 3D information in 2D form and display in full 3D with optical component, without the need of coherent light source and confine dark fine. In addition, it facilitates postproduction processing such as refocusing. This makes it more practical approach for real-time 3D image capture and display. In this paper, a new method of extract 3D integral images data from raster maps. The R2V is an advanced raster to vector conversion software system is mainly used in order to generate geographical 3D integral images. Experimental results are extremely satisfactory and for the first time it is proved that, Geographic 3D Integral Images is generated. It means that, a new certain approach enables GIS applications of using 3D integral images is now established.



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