Hamza, A., & Ho, W. C. (2020). Updates on seabirds of the northern Seribuat Islands, Pahang, Malaysia. Marine Ornithology, 48, 1-7.





Journal title

Journal of Marine Ornithology


Vol. 1 No. 48


Abdulmula Abdumagid Alhadi Hamza


1 - 7


Because of a lack of systematic surveys since the 1950s, information on seabird diversity and the status of seabird colonies along the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia is mostly outdated. The Seribuat Archipelago is composed of many islands, which are located off Pahang state in the north and Johor state in the south. The northern section of the archipelago was surveyed during July-September 2017 to document active seabird colony sites and to assess species richness and the potential threats facing these colonies. Seven islands were found to host significant numbers of terns (Black-naped Terns Sterna sumatrana, Bridled Terns Onychoprion anaethetus, Greater Crested Terns Thalasseus bergii, Lesser Frigatebirds Fregata ariel, and other bird species. We provide details of each site and its suitability for seabirds. Pulau Labas and Pulau Tokong Bahara have the highest species richness (five species each) followed by Pulau Tokong Burung and Pulau Gut (four species each). Tokong Burung (made up of three islands) hosts the largest colony of Bridled Terns in the region, with more than 10 000 pairs estimated, making it one of the largest colonies of the species in Southeast Asia. Egg harvesting by local fishermen, human disturbance, marine litter, and oil pollution are the main threats to seabirds in the Seribuat Archipelago. We make recommendations regarding measures needed for further protection of the area.

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