SPA/RAC-UNEP/MAP, 2021. Marine Turtle Research and Conservation in Libya: A contribution to safeguarding Mediterranean Biodiversity. By Abdulmaula Hamza. Ed. SPA/RAC, Tunis: pages 77.





Book title



Vol. 1 No. 1


Abdulmula Abdumagid Alhadi Hamza


1 - 80


The results of marine turtle research and conservation in Libya have not been very well promoted or shared at the regional level, as always claimed by the scientific community. However, this did not affect the commitment of the authority, research institutes, and even civil society towards Marine turtle conservation to safeguard Mediterranean Biodiversity. Indeed, close collaboration at national and regional levels made possible the edition of the present book, which will fill some gaps to further complete the marine turtle picture in the Mediterranean. Furthermore, The National Action Plan for the Conservation of Marine Turtles and Their Habitats in Libya has been updated , reviewed and adopted by the main stakeholders in Libya (sea users, professionals, fishermen, public institutes, individual researchers, NGOs active in marine conservation) during an online national workshop held on the 9th of December 2020 within the framework of the implementation of phase 1 of the Mava Marine turtles project (2017-2020). Through the second phase of the project (2020 - 2022), SPA/RAC will continue supporting Libya to implement its national action plan for the conservation of marine turtles and its habitats, besides the nesting monitoring, the national stranding network will be set up and promoted at a national level. The LibSTP team will focus on working with key actors, mainly the local communities, in Sirte and Farwa to achieve effective and sustainable protection of these priority areas

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