Norm-Based User Selection Algorithm for Single-RF Space Modulation Techniques with Geometric Mean Decomposition Based Precoding Scheme





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Vol. 91 No. 3


Taissir Y. Elganimi
Feras F. Alfitouri


Joint user selection algorithm and fully digital Geometric Mean Decomposition (GMD)-based precoding scheme is considered in this paper for single Radio Frequency (RF) Space Modulation Techniques (SMTs), namely, Spatial Modulation (SM) and Space Shift Keying (SSK) schemes. The objective is to jointly perform the Frobenius norm-based user selection algorithm and design GMD-based precoded SMTs with single-RF chain in order to reduce the cost and the power consumption in Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems, and to avoid the complicated bit-allocation problem of Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)-based precoding technique. Based on these schemes, the GMD-based precoding transmission carried out in the context of a single-user SMTs can readily be extended to the Multi-user (MU) case. Simulation results demonstrate that single-RF SMTs with GMD-based precoding scheme is capable of outperforming SMTs with SVD-based precoding technique. Meanwhile, MU-SMTs with GMD-based precoding scheme provide significant performance gains over the conventional SM- and SSK-MIMO counterparts and single-user SMTs with GMD-based precoding algorithm, which increase the energy efficiency and the reachability using these schemes. Furthermore, better error performance in MU-SMTs with fully digital GMD-based precoding technique is obtained by selecting any number of users. Therefore, MU-SMTs with GMD-based precoding scheme can be effectively used in various 5G wireless networks.

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