The Use of Translation as a Strategy in Learning English as a Foreign Language among Libyan University Students: Case Study on Students at English Department at the University of Tripoli





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Democratic Arab Center: Strategic, Political & Economic Studies


Hamza Ethelb
Hana Ammar Abdullah Alghariani


The use of translation in language learning has been controversially discussed. Studies in this respect are rooted in divergent opinions, where some support the use of translation and others encourage its absence. This study explores the use of translation as a strategy in learning English by undergraduate students at the English Language Department at the University of Tripoli in Libya. The study adopts the Inventory for Translation as a Learning Strategy to gain understanding of the use of translation in learning English by Libyan students majoring English. A number of 60 students were surveyed using a questionnaire to see if translation is a strategy they recourse to in learning English language skills. Although students are sometimes discouraged to use translation in classrooms, the results show that students tend to use translation in acquiring and developing their language skills. The data indicate that there is a correlation between learners’ proficiency level and their use of translation as a strategy.

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