Assessment of Crown and Fixed Partial Denture Work quality: A Survey among General Dentists and Specialists in Tripoli, Libya





Journal title

Tripolitana Medical Journal


Vol. 7 No. 1


Nourelhouda Salaheddin Misurati
Noora Berhaim


41 - 45


ABSTRACT Anecdotal evidence suggests that impression materials and techniques used in general dental practice for fixed partial dentures vary from those taught in dental schools. Very few studies have been done in Tripoli, Libya to assess the trends of fixed partial denture practice done by private practitioners. This survey used a questionnaire which was designed to assess the quality of crown and fixed partial denture work amongst dentists in Tripoli, Libya. A questionnaire consisting of 12 questions was distributed randomly among 200 specialists and general dentists who work in private clinics and public health centers in Tripoli; out of which 146 were filled, giving a response rate of 73%. The results showed that, 23.25% mpression, while 98% of prosthodontists always make a primary impression. Only 47.8% of general dentists use retraction cord while 52.3% of the surveyed general dentists never applied retraction cord in crown and bridge practice. Amongst the prosthodontists, 92.85% use gingival retraction cord, 7.14% use electrosurgery for gingival retraction. 38.63% of the surveyed general dentists in this study never disinfect the impression before sending it to the dental laboratory, while 45.7% of prosthodontists always disinfect the impression and 42.2% often, and only 12.1% never. Results showed that 53.49% of the surveyed general dentists never use temporary crown and bridge after tooth preparation, and 46.51% use temporary crown and bridge after tooth preparation, on the other hand 93% of prosthodontists use temporary prosthesis after tooth preparation. Amongst the prosthodontists, and general dentists glass ionomer cement is most commonly used for cementation of fixed partial denture, followed by adhesive resin cement and zinc polycarboxylate cement. It was concluded that, the ideal materials, technique, and armamentarium are required for the long-term success of the fixed prosthodontics work. Most of the prosthodontists used recommended impression materials and techniques, which were not followed by the majority of general dentists. Keywords- Survey; Fixed partial denture; Impression materials; Prosthodontists.