Comparison between Unstructured oral examination "UOE" and Objective Structured oral examination "OSOE" in department of fixed prosthodontics/dental faculty university of Tripoli




Conference paper

Conference title

Libyan journal of medical research


Vol. 2 No. 12


Amina Rajab Elsalhin


1 - 11


Aim: the aim of this study was to compare reliability of two different oral exam examinations commonly used alternatively in Dental school of Tripoli university (Objective Structured Oral Exam, and Unstructured Practical Oral exam.).Methodology: The method that has been adapted in this study were clinical and self-structured questioner, and statistically a descriptive and inferential statistical analyses was used, the relative variation,Pearson's correlation test, and "ICC" i.e. Interclass Correlation Coefficient respectively...i.e. quantitative, descriptive correlation study, Result: the inferential statistical analyses yielded a “coefficient of variation” value for R1U and R2U and for R1S and R2S as (28.455, 34.930) and (10.870, 16.028) respectively. Cronbach's alpha reliability was found (0.455) for R1U and R2U raters and (0.951) and was (0.463)R1U and R2U, and for R1S and R2S was significant (P0.001) with value of (0.951 which rated excellent). Bivariate correlation was significant and with value of (0.906test for Structured oral exam, and was not significant with value of (0.054) for unstructured oral. Conclusion: We concluded that the Structured oral exams is more reliable than unstructured oral exam.