Evaluating and Improving the Assessment and Consistency of Feedback within the Clinical Skills Laboratory at Dundee Dental School




PhD Thesis

Thesis title


Ahmed Amru Mohamed Mhanni


Conservative and fixed prosthodontic concepts and techniques are introduced to second and third year dental students through participation in a clinical skills laboratory courses at Dundee Dental School. These courses contain a didactic portion during which learn the theoretical aspects of conservation and fixed prosthodontics. Throughout the UK, students rely on different interpretations by different Dental Schools of conservation and fixed prosthodontic methods multiple for application, reinforcement and enhancement of theoretical principles during a simultaneous laboratory portion of the courses. School examiners teaching the courses are expected to provide consistent formative and summative feedback of the student performance. Low reliability of examiners may lead to student confusion and frustration (Haj-Ali and Feil, 2006). Therefore, the maxim “Assessment drives learning”(Miller, 1990, Wass et al., 2001, Manogue et al., 2011, Norcini et al., 2011, Vander Vleuten et al., 2012), can be used to understand the problem provide at least a partial solution. In summary, student learning to determine the clear nature of the problem, analyse the problem in detail and the skills to solve the problem, are essential to motivate the student to learn. This thesis is focused on the assessment and feedback of student performance in order to identify the most common problem. In further chapters, clarification and further definition the problem will be reported clearly. Then, researcher will conclude whether or not the problem can ultimately be solved. If the problem is defined poorly or not completely understood, it is much more difficult to solve than a problem …

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