Design Rationale Model for Green Human Computer Interaction Design




Conference paper

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ICSIE 2017


mabrouka ali jelpan


Curbing the global environmental threats become a worldwide issue. Over the years, significant scientific evidences emerged that highlighted the relationship between massive industrialization and global environmental threats. For this reason, all types of industrialization are undergoing radical re-engineering; the aim is to manufacture goods and services that are efficient, safer and environmental-friendly. In terms of software industry, sustainable software engineering has become a hot research topic; it spans sustainability issues in all stages of software life cycle. This paper proposes a design rationale model for human-computer interaction design. The proposed model is an adaptation of the QOC deliberation model, where green computing guidelines are used as criteria for the evaluation of interface design decisions. As part of the collaborative decision making process pertaining interactions design decisions, we believe that there is a need to provide designers with contextual guidance that help to construct a shared mental model about the design problem, and how it is influenced by the recommendations of the Green IT campaign. For this reason, we incorporated the Green computing guidelines within the elements of the proposed design rationale model. The paper is also presenting a prototypical implementation of the proposed model.

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