Evaluation of Al Hawaz Reservoir using Core Sample Analysis and Petrophysices Study in )O), Oil Field, Concision NC 115, Morzuq Basin.





Journal title

المجلة الليبية لعلوم التعليم


Rajab F. ElZaroug


37 - 50


The O field which belongs to Akakus Oil Operation which is located in north north west (NNW) of Murzuq basin , NC 115 Concession, It is 30 km west of Awbari. The main objectives of this study were to provide for the reservoir model of the Hawaz Formation: A detailed sedimentological and fracture description with the identification of significant stratal boundaries, maximum flooding surfaces, discontinuities and other internal structures of the supplied core, The description included determination of the lithology, grain-size, sorting, color, sedimentary structures, bed contacts, abundance of clay, degree of bioturbation and the presence of fossils. To describe and characterise the vertical distribution of sedimentary facies and provide an interpretation of the depositional environments in terms of sequence analysis. Construct a depositional model, based on regional knowledge and relevant data integration. A petrographic description on selected samples, including SEM and XRD analysis, to characterise detrital and authigenic mineral composition, internal fabric and diagenetic processes of identified facies, in relation to porosity and permeability. The reservoir is sealed by Tanezzuft shale, which is as a source rock also The porosity of this reservoir sandstone ranges between 11 to 15 % ,The water saturation is from 11 to 15 %. also based on petrophysices method, I have selected one well study to support the results that obtained from petrography study to get more results such as lithology identification, porosity ,permeability and mineral composition also to calculate the reservoir properties such as volume of shale, water and oil saturation, oil water contact and reservoir reserves, the initial oil in place is 804 MMSTB and the recoverable reserve is 178.5MMSTB.