Adsorption of (UO2)2+ on Fibrous Cerium Phosphate and its Alanine and Arginine Intercalated Materials




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Vol. 4 No. 7


Dr. Ragiab Ali Mokhtar Issa


47 - 54


Amorphous fibrous cerium (IV) phosphate (f-CeP) was prepared and characterized. Batch sorption method was performed to investigate uptake of uranyl ion (UO2)2+ aqueous solution by amorphous fibrous cerium phosphate f-CeP, using different variables in order to elucidate its applicability as a uranium sorption medium. Sorption of Uranyl ions were measured spectrophotometically after its extraction by 8-hydroxy quinoline, implementing best adsorption conditions (pH, contact time, ionic strength, amount of adsorbent and initial uranyl ion concentration) for estimation. Exchange capacity of f-CeP was 4.25meq/g. Its x-ray powder diffraction pattern showed an amorphous material with d001 spacing value of 10.76 Å. While its amino acid intercalates showed a significant increase in the d001 to 11.33Å for f-CeP / alanine and 14.19Å for f-CeP / arginine. From spectrophotometric analysis, the results showed that the maximum uranyl ion adsorption capacity reached at the initial concentration of 50ppm, pH 4.5, contact time 3hrs and adsorption dosage of 2 g/L. However, amino acid intercalates showed less adsorption efficiency than their parent analogue. Keywords: Amorphous fibrous cerium phosphate; Alanine; Arginine; Intercalates; Uranyl ions uptake.



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